September Favourites…

It is really starting to feel like autumn now, the days are getting cooler and the nights are getting colder. When I’ve been getting up at 5:30 am to go to work it has been pitch black and still felt like the middle of the night. I am actually looking forward to the colder weather the get cosy in big hoodies and fluffy socks. And the colder weather means my obsession with coats can continue again and I can buy more coats I really don’t need.

With it being the end of the month again I have compiled a list of my favourite things for September.


1. Watermelon Slices

These where one of the new healthy snacks that I tried a couple of weeks ago and out of all the things I tried the watermelon slices have defiantly become one of my favourite things lately. I always take fruit to work to have as a snack on my breaks and I have enjoyed taking watermelon as something different to the usual apple and tangerine.

2. Chai Tea Lattes

Normally I’m not really a fan of hot drinks except maybe a nice hot chocolate with whipped cream every now and again. But recently I decided to try a Chai Tea Latte because I had heard they where really nice. I was instantly in love with them! They are the perfect drink for the colder weather that’s coming, and I think they taste just like autumn. I am so obsessed with theses lately, I’m craving them all the time! I am becoming a regular at Starbucks and Costa these days.


3. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I have been using this every day now for over a month to remove my make up. I usually use a makeup wipe first then I put some of this on a cotton pad and wipe it over my face and it is amazing how much makeup  is still left on my face even after using a makeup wipe. My face feels so fresh and clean after using it. Now I can not, not use it or my face just doesn’t feel properly clean.

4. Sleek ‘Matte Me’ Lipstick

This is a lipstick that I bought earlier in the month because I felt like I needed a lip colour change and this is the one I choose to give a try . I also bought a ‘Matte Me Metallic’ in ‘Roman Copper’ too. Since I have bought it I’ve been wearing this lip colour, which is ‘Birthday Suit’, almost everyday. It is becoming the shade I reach for quite a lot now. I have recently reviewed this lipstick on the blog so if you want you can read the full review of what I thought of this lipstick here.

5. ‘Whats A Girl Gotta Do?’ – Holly Bourne

 The first book from this trilogy featured in my August favourites last month and I had wanted to read the next two books from the trilogy, which I did and this is the third book and probably my favourite from the three. The trilogy follows three friends and this book follows Lottie on her mission to start a feminist revolution. This a great book about the importance of feminism and how sexism is such a big part of daily life. If you want to read the full review that I wrote on this book, and the second book from the trilogy, which is called ‘How Hard Can Love Be?’ you can check out the post here.


You can read last months favourites post here. And tell me about your September favourites in the comments below or on twitter. Leave your links so I can check them out!




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