Candy Kabob’s…

I have always had a sweet tooth, ever since I was a small child. My only memory of one of my granddads was when I would go to his house when I was about 3 years old, he would turn the football over to the kids channel and he would give me flumps (which are like marshmallows), to eat while I watched the TV. He passed away shortly after I turned 3 so that is my only memory of him and still to this day whenever I think about flumps I think about him. So I’ve literally had a sweet tooth since I was a baby and it’s never really gone away.


These candy kabobs will satisfy any one with a sweet tooth and they are actually quite fun to make. They are perfect for a movie nights, family/kids parties, baby showers, weddings, DIY gifts, valentines presents, the possibilities are endless! I can’t think of an occasion where you wouldn’t want candy kabobs. They are great too because you can personalise them if you are making them for a specific person with all their favourite candy, provided you can get it on the kabob stick.


As I said you can buy any sweets that you like, just keep in mind you have to get it onto the kabob stick so things like chocolate, hard-boiled sweets and anything to small won’t work. I was in TK Maxx (as usual) and I was at the till and I saw a tub with really brightly coloured marshmallows in so I bought that which was about £2.99. Then I headed over to ASDA and bought the 5 for £1 kids sweets and got a couple of different things which I thought would work, like laces, pick and mix, gummy worms etc. Lastly I bought drumsticks squashies in bubblegum flavour.


Then I went home and started to put together the kabobs. This was the fun part, putting them together. I liked coming up with different combinations of sweets. I would say though to be careful when actually putting the sweets on the sticks because some of them can be quite tough and I did stab myself with the stick a couple of times. So just be cautious if you are letting children help you assemble the kabobs.


Let me know if you make these in the comments below or on Twitter because I would love to see pictures of yours!!





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