Tattoos I Want To Get…

I always thought that I would never get a tattoo. I was always to afraid that getting one was going to hurt so bad but I did want to get one. When I lived in Philadelphia me and my two best friends decided we should get matching tattoos to celebrate our friendship and even though we where going to be living in different corners of the world we would always be connected. This was obviously my first tattoo and the other girls already had at least one. They made me go first so I would’ve chicken out and I wanted to go first so it was over and done with. We had chosen to get the tattoos on the side of our thighs. I actually thought that it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would. I guess I thought it was going to be awful but it really wasn’t. The pain levels must have something to do with your own pain threshold because even though I don’t think it hurt, my friends both said it did. I adore our matching tattoos and the symbol has kind of become our friendship thing now.


I loved that tattoo so much (and still do!), that I started looking for new ideas within a couple of months and was starting to develop quite a list! While I lived in America I did a lot of traveling and I knew I wanted to definitively do more and I already had a plan that as soon as my 2 years in the US where up I was going to go to South Africa to visit one of the afore-mentioned friends. I wanted something that represented traveling, so I decided on an aeroplane. Originally I was going to get this in Miami but we ended up running out of time so when I was in South Africa I made sure I had time.

FWNR0018.jpgI love my aeroplane tattoo so much but there are still loads more that I want to get. These are just some of the ideas I have.


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