Workout Playlist…

Going to the gym without a workout playlist is no fun at all. Sometimes going to the gym after a long day at work is also not so fun and I’m not going to lie, if it’s been a particularly busy/hard day then I will just skip the gym completely. But if I at least have some good music while I’m at the gym it makes it a little more worthwhile.

If you know me then you will know that I don’t do anything without music on, so I don’t see why going to the gym would be any different?? Occasionally I will listen to a Spotify made playlist, but I find myself skipping a lot of the songs on them. I made my own instead and just update it every now and again or make a new one.

I normally have a mixture of my favourite songs at the moment and some remixes that I like. Then I hit shuffle and off I go.

This is my current Workout Playlist:

Let me know what’s on your workout playlist, or leave me links to your Spotify in the comments below or on twitter.




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