Maybelline Baby Skin Primer…

A while ago my local boots didn’t have the primer I wanted so I just decided to try a new one for a change. I’d seen the Maybelline Baby Lips products before and although I’d never used them myself, I had heard that where good. So when I saw that they did a Baby Skin Primer Instant Pore Eraser I picked that one to give a try. And I was so glad that I did because after the first time I used it I immediately loved it! My skin was instantly so soft and smooth.


It is a clear gel texture, which is really easy to apply and spreads evenly across your face. It says on the tube that it is an ‘Instant Pore Eraser’ and it really does give the appearance that your pores have been erased and leaves you with smooth looking skin. I like this primer because it leaves your skin looking matte and doesn’t leave your skin shinny after you use it because personally I don’t like my skin to look shinny, I much prefer the matte look. My foundation and concealer were very easy to blend after using this product and I think it made the blending process much easier and helped created the matte look I like.


I have now used two tubes of this primer and I am about to run out of the second tube, which means a trip to boots will be called for soon to pick up another tube. This primer actually kind of reminds me of the Benefit Porefessional which I absolutely love and is one of the best primers I have ever used but at £26 per tube I just can’t justify spending that amount of money on one product when I could get so much more for my money. At just £7.99 it is very affordable and much cheaper than the Benefit version and I feel is just as good quality wise. And has the added bonus that I can buy three of the Maybelline primers for the price of one Benefit primer!


Let me know what you think of this primer in the comments or on Twitter if you have used it before. Do you think it’s better than the Benefit primer?




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