Books I Read In July…

I have really gotten into this whole reading thing lately, I’m at the library so often I should get my own parking space right by the door!


  1. Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children – Ransom Riggs                                            I had seen this book the last few times I was at the library so I thought I would get it this time, and I know there is a movie about this book and I want to watch it but I wanted to read the book first.                                                                                                             In this book 16 year old Jacob wants to find out more about his grandfathers life in a children’s home during the war. His grandfather told Jacob stories about the children that lived there which Jacob had believed to be just fairytales his grandfather had made up. When he goes to the island where the children’s home is, will he find the answers to all his questions?                                                                                                               I enjoyed this book, I thought that the photographs throughout where really good and really brought the story to life on a different level. I am looking forward to reading the second book now and it will be the first thing I look for next time I go to the library.dsc_0317
  2. Am I Normal Yet? – Holly Bourne                                                                                                    Trigger warning – OCD and mental health issues –                                                                      Am I normal yet? This a question where Evie really wants the answer to be yes. Evie has OCD and is starting to come off her medication, After starting college and making new friends all she wants now is to be normal.                                                             ‘Am I normal yet?’ is an interesting look into the world of mental health problems and talks about the stigmas surrounding mental health issues. I feel like it opened my mind on these issues and the importance of talking about it. The book also looks into feminism and looks at the issues that women face.dsc_0319

If you have any book suggestions I would love to hear them, leave them in the comments or let me know on twitter.

These are the books I read last month.



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