My Sunglasses Collection…

Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite pieces from my sunglasses collection. When it comes to sunglasses I just cannot resist them, if I see them in a shop I am instantly drawn to them and want to try on every pair. They are defiantly my favourite accessory and it makes me sad that I live in England where we don’t always get that much sun so I can’t wear them all the time. I think I might need to move to Los Angeles just so I can wear sunglasses every day of the year!



This only some of my collection because when it comes to sunglasses I can be a bit of a hoarder and not want to get rid of any. So I just picked out some of my favourites at the moment. The price of these sunglasses are mostly cheap to mid range. They are from Primark, H&M and TK Maxx.


The first set of glasses is a black pair, with a hint of gold and the second pair is a brown, black and gold club master style I bought the black pair last year in Primark USA and they cost about $3 or $4. The black and brown pair I got from H&M a coupe of months ago and I’m sure they cost between £7-10.

The next set are both from Primark UK and they are a nice rose gold and I just love the shape of them. They cost about £3/4. The other pair are this silver pair with a really cool arch and they cost £4.

I got these rose gold and white Jessica Simpson sunglasses from TJ Maxx in America last year and I can’t remember how much I paid for them now. The other rose gold pair are also from TJ Maxx last year and they are Steve Madden. Again I can’t remember how much they cost either but I do know I got them in New York.

The last pair are my newest purchases and are currently my absolute favourites and I have been wearing them at any opportunity I can. The white and blue are Quay, which I bought at TK Maxx and cost only £15. They are a style I’ve never really worn before but I am actually loving at the moment.

The silver pair are also from TK Maxx and are Guess. They cost me £25 and are probably one of the most expensive pairs I own. I just had to buy them, I love the slightly purple lenses and at the moment I am really liking sliver accessories so that made me want them even more so I treated myself.

Let me know which pair are your favourites in the comments below or on twitter.




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