Maybelline Master Ink Eyeliner…

For a long time my favourite eyeliner had been the E.L.F liquid eyeliner and when I came home from the US I even brought about 4 or 5 home with me because I knew I wouldn’t be able to buy it England. So when I ran out a few months ago I was looking for a one which was similar to the E.L.F one in brush style, quality and price. The E.L.F eyeliner was pretty cheap so I was’t sure if I was going to be able to find one that was as cheap as that and had such a good quality, so instead I was looking for a mid priced option. That is when I found the Maybelline Master Ink Eyeliner.


I bought the eyeliner in Charcoal Black and Matte. What originally drew me to this particular product was that I liked the brush style because it is very fine at the end so I thought I would be able to get a precise application. I think I was right, with the brush being fine it is quite easy to apply and get that precise application that I wanted.


I wear this eyeliner everyday and I do have quite a busy day job, in which I am on my feet constantly, running round after a lot of children under the age of 2. So as you can imagine I need an eyeliner that will last me all day. So far I haven’t had any issues with the longevity of this product and it has lasted me through many a hectic working day.


I am currently on my second bottle of this eyeliner since I bought  it a couple of months ago and I am still loving it. I would defiantly recommend this to friends because I really like the quality and for just £5.99 in boots the price won’t break the bank for people like me who can’t afford to spend a small fortune on designer make up even thought they would really like to!

If you have any recommendations of any similar products to this one, let me know in the comments, over on Twitter or Instagram because I would love to give them a try.


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