My Travel Bucket List…

I am obsessed with traveling, I am always looking at places to go and new trips to plan! Whenever I don’t have some kind of trip planned I get really itchy feet and end up googling places different places to go and planning which countries I want to see and the things I want to see there.

So with this in mind these are my top 10 places I want to go:

  1. Bali – Indonesia. I actually have a trip to Bali planned in October. I will be going Island hopping and I am way too excited for it! Bali is a place I never thought I would actually be able to go but I am and I still cannot believe it.
  2. Havana – Cuba. I am so obsessed with Cuba right now. This is one of the places I just have to go too.
  3. Santorini – Greece. I also want to go to Mykonos, Athens and Rhodes as well. I have been wanting to visit Greece for a long time, so it is most defiantly on my list. I can’t wait to see the white streets and the buildings with blue roofs.
  4. Bora Bora – French Polynesia. Staying in those huts that are over the ocean is my dream and has been since I was a little girl and saw them in holiday brochures at the travel agents!
  5. Venice – Italy. Basically I would love to see so many cities in Italy and I am learning Italian at the moment so it would be great if when I go I can speak the language.image
  6. Honolulu- Hawaii. I would have loved to go here whitest I live in America but it was to expensive, especially on an Au Pair’s wage.
  7. Cancùn – Mexico. I have seen so many pictures of Cancùn and it just looks completely beautiful! I have a friend who went and said it was the best holiday she had ever had.
  8. Barcelona- Spain. I’ve been to Spain many times as a child but since I was so young I never got to appreciate it’s beauty. I have been learning the Spanish language for nearly a year now and I have planned many a road trip around the country. Now I just have to put those plans into action.
  9. Toronto- Canada. I have kind of been to Canada before but not really because I was on the Niagara Falls boat trip and didn’t get off the boat but I got the ‘welcome to Canada’ text on my phone so I’m counting that!
  10. Sydney – Australia. Australia is one of those places where you just want to see. I know so many people who have moved over there for a year or two or just been to visit and have absolutely loved it.
Honolulu – Hawaii,  Cancùn – Mexico, Toronto – Canada, Barcelona – Spain, Sydney – Australia

There are so many more countries and cities I want to explore like the Maldives, Amsterdam, Prague, Paris, New Orleans, Seattle, Berlin, Brussels, Cannes, the Bahamas, Copenhagen, Shanghai and practically anywhere else. If someone asks me if I want to go somewhere I will likely say yes. Basically if travelling was free I’d probably never come home!


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