Gym Clothes Haul…

One of my New Years resolutions this year was to join a gym. Back in February I did just that. (Admittedly, I have only been the gym a handful of times since I actually joined!). I signed up for a 12 month membership at my local gym.  Then I realised I had joined the gym but had no gym clothes at all and nothing that I could even pass off as gym clothes. So this called for a trip to TK Maxx. (TJ Maxx if you are in America) I don’t usually buy clothes at TK Maxx but I do love the home-ware section they have and they always have a great selection of what I was looking for – sports clothes.


I was on a budget so I did’t want anything to extravagant, so the cheaper the better. All of this I got from TK Maxx. I bought 1 pair of leggings, two tops, a sports bar and a jacket. The leggings are from yoga-lic-lous  and where originally $88 and I got them for £14.99. The first top is from Adidas, I couldn’t find out how much it was supposed to be but I paid £9.99. They second top is from Manuka Seamless was originally £45 but I paid just £12.99. The sports bar was from Marika and was originally $40 and I paid £9.99. Lastly the jacket is ELLE Sport and was supposed to be £50 but I paid £25. So, not including the Adidas top this should have cost me £277.00, but I paid £62.97, saving me a total of  £214.03. I think this is a pretty great saving in my eyes and I am really happy with all of my purchases at TK Maxx.


I did buy gym trainers as well. I was intending to buy them also from TJ Maxx but they didn’t have any my size unfortunately so I went to Sports Direct instead and got another good deal. I got Nike Core Motion Trainers which where supposed to be £46.99 but where on sale so I paid £33 instead. This time I saved £13.99.


Overall I think my I got some good deals on these clothes considering I could have paid a whole lot more for them in other shops. Now I have gym clothes, and they are in my gym bag in the back of my car, I just have to actually go the gym after work!



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