NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette…

This is the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette. This palette is available in 4 different colour combinations, Brights, Cool Neutrals, Warm Neutrals and Smokey & Highlight. I choose to buy the Warm Neutrals because it looked like the one that had more colours I would use. It costs $18 on the NYX website but I did’t buy this product from the website. I bought it from Boots but I can no longer find it on the website. It might still be available in the stores.



  • The first row is a mix peachy, beige shades, 2 of which are shimmer shades and 2 are matte.
  • The second row is a mix of soft and pale matte browns and a brown with a hint of silver shimmer.
  • The third row is a dark brown/gold shimmer, a matte deep brown, shimmery copper/red and a matte deep red/brown.
  • The last row is a deep brown with a gold shimmer,a matte medium brown, a brown/bonze/gold shimmer and a matte dark brown/pale black.


With the mixture of brown and beige shades it makes this paletteĀ great for creating many different day to night looks for any occasion.


If you like this palette or have the ones that I don’t have let me know in the comments below.



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