Trying Healthy Snacks…

Whenever I go into the kitchen I open the cupboard door and the fridge and just stare into them hoping to find a snack that isn’t a chocolate biscuit or crisps. I do this all the time even when I know that nothing has changed since I last looked 20 minutes ago! In an effort to resist the food I know I shouldn’t eat but want too, I decided that I would head to Asda and see what healthy options they had.

I was quite skeptical as to whether I, a notoriously picky eater would actually like any of the available selections. I picked up a few options that I thought sounded good to give them a try. I choose 5 different things. Everything I chose was 100% vegan, gluten free and one of your 5 a day, so that was a bonus!


The first thing I chose was the Nákd raw fruit & nut wholefood bars, in the Bakewell tart flavour. This was a box of three bars. These don’t look to appetising but they are really delicious, and actually taste like a Bakewell tart which I doubtful that they would.

The other Nákd product I got was strawberry & cream fruit & nut nibbles. I really liked these, they are sweet but not too sweet, you can really taste the strawberry and cream flavour.



I got 2 different flavours of the Good 4 U superbites. I got banana & cocoa and cocoa & orange. These are like little truffles and are very enjoyable. They are perfect to pop in your bag to avoid the chocolate bars in the vending machines!

The last thing I got was Urban Fruit, Perfect Pineapple. This is really tasty, once I stated eating this I almost ate the whole bag in one sitting and I thought to myself well it’s okay because these are healthy! They made for something nice to munch on while relaxing after a busy day. I will buy these again.


Overall I think my favourites where the Perfect Pineapple and the strawberry and cream nibbles. Saying that though I think I would probably buy them all again because I did actually enjoy all of them. I really want to do this again so let me know what healthy snacks you like so I can give them a try. Leave them in the comments or let me know on twitter .




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