Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette…

This is the Sleek MakeupUP Precious Metals highlighting palette. It has four beautiful shades, 3 of which are a cream base and one a powder and each will make your skin look very elegant. Priced at only £9.99 from Boots, I  genuinely think this was a great deal because it is a very versatile product.

dsc_0357The cream based shades are Platinum, Antique Bronze and Royal Gold. The powder based shade is Renaissance Gold. You can use Platinum to highlight across your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes. Use the Antique Bronze to highlight along the tops of your cheekbones. Use the Royal Gold shade to highlight the bridge of your nose. Finally, to make your lips look more prominent, highlight the cupids bow with Renaissance Gold.


I love the shades in this palette they look so luxurious and I have been really enjoying using this Palette lately. I think that the shades I like most our the Royal Gold which I think makes my nose look more defined and the Antique Bronze which makes my cheeks look radiant and glowing .


I would really like to try the Solstice Highlighting Palette next because I have just seen it while I was looking for the links for this post and that looks beautiful too. Have you used any of these Palette’s? Let me know what you thought of them over on twitter or in the comments below.


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