What’s In My Beach Bag?…

I know that sadly summer is almost over for a lot of people but it’s still going to be hot for a few more weeks here and I am off on a very exciting trip in about a month so this still seemed to be a appropriate post plus I love to read these kind of posts so I figured I should do my own.

Like many people, I love going to the beach! Where I live in the UK we don’t have the best beaches or weather for the beach but that has never stopped us going. As kids we found a great spot in the sand dunes which was slopped down so there where dunes all around which stopped the wind getting in and it was like a sun trap there. Hardly any other people came up there so it was always our spot and we spent many days at the beach with my cousins and aunties. I miss those days.


In Philadelphia, I am about 1 and a half hours away from the shore (that’ s if you don’t get stuck in all the weekend shore traffic). Me and my friends love going to the shore on a sunday, it’s like a mini vacation. So with the many trips to the beach over the last two years, I can pack my beach bag everything I need for the beach really quickly. So for todays post I thought I would share what I always pack.


I got this bag from five below for only $5, super cheap, great bargain! I love the gold stripes and it was big enough to fit everything I needed for the beachThe first thing would be my beach towel. I got mine for $10 in bed bath and beyond last year but they always have a great selection. Probably one of the most important things is sunscreen,I have been using L’Oreal Paris factor 30 quick dry sheer finish spray and for my face L’Oreal Paris factor 50 silky sheer face lotion. Sunglasses are an obvious must have , these are from Primark USA and wher $4.50, and I always like to bring a hat, this is my favourtite hat. A healthy snack is always good too, that way you don’t feel so bad for eating all the funnel cake! I take a makeup bag to touch up and a hair bush. Listening to music is always fun so I have my phone and a speaker. The cute unicorn speaker I also got from five below for $5.00, it was too adorable not to buy! And lastly I like to bring my GoPro to capture all the fun times and memories made with great friends at the beach :)”image



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