Colour Pop Haul…

imageMy new favourite thing lately is liquid lipsticks, so with that in mind I decided to go on a little shopping spree on the colour pop website. I had recently heard about colour pop through YouTube and Twitter so I was eager to try out their products. I was just looking for matte lipsticks so I purposely didn’t look at the other sections of the websites but I definitely plan on going back on the website and checking out all the other amazing products they have!


I chose some products from the ultra matte lip range. After meticulously searching the website I finally selected four shades – Bianca, Bumble, Scrooge and Ouiji.

Left to Right – Oujii, Scrooge, Bumble, Bianca
Left to right – Bumble, Bianca, Scrooge, Ouiji

These colours are super pigmented, they have incredible staying power. After just one coat you already have enough colour to last all day without having to reapply. Out of the four shades I bought I think my favourite is Bianca, that is the one I have been wearing most. That’s is probably because I think I prefer wearing nude colours at the moment so it would make sense that the Bianca would be my current go to colour.

imageI have really enjoyed wearing these liquid lipsticks and I definitely want to buy more, I am hopefull I can try out the metallic range that colour pop have recently brought out as well as some of there eyeshadows which look absolutely beautiful!



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