Maybelline Mascara Review…

When I go into cvs or boots in the UK and look at the make up section the first thing I’m likely to go for is the mascara. I love to pick one up and just try it. There is so many different kinds available all claiming to do wonderful things to your eye lashes and sometimes they deliver, sometimes they don’t and that’s a risk I’m willing to take! Of course it also comes down to personal preference as what mascara you would rather use, the color, brush style and how long or thick you like your lashes to look. I know I use different mascara to what my friends do, but then again I do tend to swap and change which one I want to use from one week to the next.


With my mascara collection growing at a very unhealthy rate (for my bank balance) I thought I should at least do a little review on what I have been using for the past couple of weeks.


The first one is ‘the colossal volum’ express‘. (yellow and purple). I very rarely buy the same mascara twice unless I really love it, and I think out of the three of these this is probably my personal favorite.Guess what? I have bought this twice which must mean I really love it! It absolutely makes my eye lashes look super long, even with just one coat but the more you put on the longer they look.

The second one is ‘the falsies push up drama‘. (pink and red). This one is possibly my second favorite. This one is quite thick and can sometimes be a little clumpy but if you take a lot care when putting it on, it can actually go on really nicely.

Last but not least is ‘the colossal volum’ express-cat eyes‘. (yellow and orange). I like this one but I don’t think this would be one I would buy again, just because it didn’t really give me the length I would have liked. This said though I love how it spreads out the lashes perfectly and is never clumpy and it works great as a base and I’ve used it for that almost everyday since I got it.


What is your favorite mascara? because I would love to try it (if I don’t already have it!)


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