My American Bucket List…

I’ve been living in America now for around 1 year and 4 months, and my time here is going by so fast it feels like it was only last week I got here even though it now feels like home. I have to leave the states in September this year and it terrifies me to think about because I really don’t want to leave!

Now of course like most au pairs that come to America, I had a list of places that I absolutely had to see. The list was pretty long and I wrote it in the notes on my phone before I left home. After I got here I bought a chalk board and me and my new friends at the time (who are now my best friends) wrote a list of the places we wanted to go together.


On that list is:

  • Florida- This will be checked off in March when we go to Orlando and Miami for spring break which we already know is going to have so many crazy stories that will come home with us!
  • Vegas, Grand Canyon, LA, San Diego, San Francisco – We did this a one big trip in 9 days last spring break. This trip was insane and had a lot of bus/flight related issues but we all said we would do it again in a heartbeat. Due to the travel issues though we never actually made it to San Diego.
  • Tennessee/ New Orleans – We went on a road trip to Tennessee and went to Nashville, Memphis and Pigeon Forge (Dollywood). I haven’t yet made it to New Orleans.
  • Texas- Not had the chance to go here yet.
  • North/South Carolina – Not been here yet.
  • Chicago – We went to Chicago on our way home from our Tennessee road trip.
  • Hawaii – This was a long shot on an au pair budget but I can still dream!
  • Niagara Falls – There is a story about this place which involves a lot of alcohol that maybe I’ll write about one day!
  • Boston – We haven’t had chance to visit here yet.


So far I’ve been a lot of places in a year and 4 months and I have so many wonderful memories from each place, like how we got stranded in the middle of the dessert on our way to LA, how we over slept in vegas and missed our flight home, driving down the highway with our heads out the widow going to Buffalo, sitting with our feet hanging over the edge of the Grand Canyon, and the 17 hours we sat in a car on our way home from Chicago! All of that and more will be memories I will hold dear to me for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t change a single second of them!


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