Primark USA Jewelry Haul…

I’ve been obsessed with Primark for quite a while. It’s a very popular shop in the UK and  I used to love going. It has a lot of really nice stuff and I think it’s pretty cheap. They sell everything, men,women’s and children’s clothes, shoes, accessories and home ware.


So when I left the UK I went and bought loads of clothes to bring with me because there wasn’t any Primark’s here when I arrived. I knew I was going to miss it so you can imagine my excitement when I found out they where building one at the King Of Prussia Mall in Philadelphia! After months of waiting and annoying my friends with how I couldn’t wait till it opened every time we went to the mall it finally opened last week!


When we went on Sunday we where there for at least 2 hours, we went in and it was light we came out and it was dark! I got so many items for my money so I think it was a pretty successful shopping trip.


This just the jewelry I bought, I bought a lot of other stuff too. I got I long gold statement necklace which I thought would be nice with a plain top and would just complete an outfit. This was $3.00 down from $6.00. I also got a long sliver necklace with the same thought behind it, plus I don’t really have a lot of silver jewelery so I did need more. This was $3.50. I also bought 2 multi packs of rings in gold and rose gold with each pack containing 8 rings. I love rose gold so I didn’t even think before putting them in my cart they where a must have. The gold rings where  $3.50 and the rose gold ones where $5.00.


It only cost me $15 for 16 rings a 2 necklace’s which is near impossible for most stores!

I’m so happy that Primark has opened at the mall, now I just have to resist spending all my money there!


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