Weekend Adventures: New York…

So, 2 mondays ago I said to my friend “lets go to New York this weekend”. I was meaning just to go for the day and then come home but somehow we ended up booking a super nice hotel, staying over for the night going to see a show and doing a bunch of other stuff. Last minute plans like these are always the most fun and these where no different.


At 3 0’clock we got on the bus from Philly to New York. We arrived just after 5 and got on the subway to our hotel near wall street. We stayed at the Millennium Hilton Hotel and it was beautiful, probably the nicest hotel I’ve stayed in since I arrived here (although most places we’ve stayed in have been super cheap and maybe looked like places you see in a horror movie where everyone gets murdered in their sleep)


When we got to the hotel we had about 15 minutes to quickly change and fix our make up because we had to leave again because the show we where going to see started at 7 and it was a 20 subway ride away. We went to see a comedian called Trevor Noah,  he is from South Africa and is the host of the Daily Show. My best friend who I went with is also from South Africa and she had always wanted to see him so when we found tickets for his show we just had to go.  We left the hotel and luckily the subway was right outside and took the subway to Times Square. After initially going in the wrong direction thanks to google maps (which is useless when you use it walking!) and asking some helpful New York police officers where the theatre was, we arrived right on time. We queued to get a drink which cost $29 for a small glass of wine and a vodka coke! I don’t think I’ll be buying drinks again next time I go to a theatre! Anyway we found our seats and the show started just after. The show was hysterical, all of Trevor Noah’s jokes had us laughing so much that our cheeks hurt when it was over.

When the show finished we went to Ellen’s Stardust Diner to get some dinner. This place was so cool, all the waiter’s and waitresses sing songs from broadway and they are all really talented plus the food and the cocktail’s where delicious! It was so much fun and we just had to stay because they where about to do a group number which was different songs from Grease!IMG_1721

The plan for after dinner was to go to Coyote Ugly but it was too far away so we ended up walking around Times Square and got back to our hotel around 1am. We got a couple drinks from the mini bar and stayed up talking about all sorts till 4am then eventually went to bed.


On sunday we went on a boat tour to see the Statue Of Liberty, we spent a good 15 minutes on the boat trying to take the perfect snapchat of us being the Statue for one of the flitters. It was a harder than we thought so we looked like idiots standing like the Statue for what felt like a lifetime. Just as the boat was docking back at Battery Park it started swaying like crazy everyone was falling side ways trying to walk, the whole boat was laughing because it was like we where all really drunk and couldn’t stand.


This was as close as we could get for the Snapchat filter!

After we got off the boat, luckily without getting sea sick, a lady stopped us and asked if we wanted to get a caricature done, at first we said no but we changed our minds and decided to do it for the fun of it. So we sat and got our picture drew and it actually turned out pretty great!

IMG_1693We then made a failed attempt at walking over the Brooklyn bridge because we took the subway in the wrong direction which turned into us practically walking most of Manhattan back to our hotel to pick up our bags. We took the subway (this time in the right direction) to Times Square and went to The Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. We got some really tasty food and desert to go and headed back to the bus station to go home to Philly.

We had such a fun weekend, every time I go to New York it’s always different even if its just the random weird people you see on the subway!


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