USA Travel Series: New York…

Hi guys…

I thought that since one of my main reasons for coming to America was to travel, I would write about my travels to the different states and places that I have been too since I arrived in America last September. DSCN2597

I have decided to start with New York because this was where I flew too upon arrival before I went to my new home in Philadelphia. I have always loved the attraction of New York and it was a place I had been wanting to visit and explore for a very long time. Now it’s crazy for me to think that I only live a 2 hour bus ride to New York and I can hop on the bus for $20 and spend the day there and come home later that evening.

DSCN2706DSCN2608 DSCN2708
 When I got to New York for the very first time we had to take part in an orientation for 4 days as part of the program I am doing, in a suburb of New York so we where no where near the actual city which was annoying but we did have one afternoon during the orientation week where everyone got to go on a tour of New York City. The tour took us to Times Square, The Rockefeller Centre and the Statue Of Liberty (just to Battery park so we couldn’t see the Statue very well plus it was dark too but still amazing to see it) as well as driving us past a lot of the landmarks the city has.IMG_0562Since then I have been back to New York a couple more times (not as much as I have wanted to though because life always seems to get in the way). The first time I went back I went to Central Park and Times Square. I went back at christmas time to see all the Christmas decorations that are on display (they where incredible!) I also took my parents there too when they came to visit me in the summer and we went of the boat tour (so I actually got to see the Statue this time!), Wall Street, the 9/11 Memorial, The Freedom Tower and to the top of the Empire State Building.IMG_0520

I want to see a broadway show at some point, that is defiantly on my list! If you have any suggestions on where else I must see leave me a comment and let me know, writing this has made me want to go back so I’m off to check out some bus prices!IMG_0575

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Until next time xx


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